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Many women suffer from Infertility and PCOS today, but the problem can be overcome in the majority of cases. Dr. Rahele Mazarei, serving patients in Oceanside, CA and the surrounding North San Diego County area, can help patients conceive at last.

Infertility Q & A

Does PCOS Cause Infertility?

Yes, PCOS can cause infertility. It is a common cause of infertility, but it is very much a treatable condition. Women who suffer from PCOS can work with their doctor to stabilize their cycle and take any other necessary measures needed to help them conceive when desired.

What Are the Risk Factors For Infertility?

Age is one of the main risk factors for infertility. Once a woman reaches her mid-30s, fertility starts declining rapidly. Women who use tobacco or marijuana are more likely to have trouble conceiving. Regular alcohol use can make conception difficult, and it also increases the chances of birth defects. Excess weight and sedentary lifestyle are both infertility risk factors. Being underweight can also be a risk factor for infertility. Conditions like endometriosis can raise the chances of infertility as well.

How Can Infertility Be Treated?

There are a wide range of treatments for infertility today. The doctor and patient will work together to determine what type of approach will work best. In most cases, infertility treatment starts with the last invasive treatment first. For some women, resolving infertility may be easier than expected. Tracking fertile periods with ovulation predictors may be helpful, and it may even be enough to help a woman conceive at the right time. If women have any risk factors that can be corrected with lifestyle changes, the doctor may recommend making these changes. This may include things like losing weight, exercising more, and eliminating cigarettes and alcohol. Some women will need additional help to conceive, and this may come in the form of hormone therapy or ovulation induction. When none of the other methods are successful, there are still options such as intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization. The doctor will support and guide the patient through the process of conception and pregnancy, making sure that they have the very best chance for a healthy baby.


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